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In 1997 AP upped the ruggedness of the Offshore while making it easier to wear by ditching its near half kilo steel bracelet for a double strap, made unbelievably enough from heavy duty ballistic Cordura, Kevlar and aramid, and a Velcro closure. If the aforementioned older generation gentility had revived from their fainting spell, this would send their panic-stricken hearts back into cardiac arrest. Because never in the world of haute de gamme watchmaking -- a term often associated with AP, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin, horology's "Holy Trinity," -- had so lofty a brand deigned to invoke military codes. It was as shocking as your college daughter returning from her semester studying sculpture in Florence, knocked up and with an Italian husband named Fabrizio. But those who dared strap this divisive animal on their wrist were rewarded with a watch that could fit a much wider variety of wrists and with a fantastic level of comfort.

End of Days Royal Oak Offshore 1999 500 Pieces Limited Edition

The 1999 End of Days took the "Velcro" strapped Offshore as its base but then upped the bad assitude to Spinal Tap Level 11. First of all, the steel watch was entirely coated black, using Physical Vapour Deposition. Now this may not seem radical today, but in this era, only tool type watches, Tag Heuers,swiss replica watches Porsche Designs, and Panerai had gone to the dark side. For a rarified brand like AP to do it was, to quote the bald dude in The Princess Bride, "inconceivable." The blacked-out case was backed up by a blacked-out dial featuring the brand's signature tappiserie motif, white gold subdial surrounds and shocking high alert signal yellow hands and indexes. The Special Forces meets high luxury allure was cementedwith the use of a black Kevlar, aramid, Velcro strap.


When it was launched people lost their minds over the 500-piece limited edition. It was snapped up in a heart beat. For the first time here was a true luxury watch manufacture expressing that it understood what was cool. From a historical perspective the End of Days would forge the aesthetic underpinnings for an entire generation of blacked-out timepieces and it's fair to say there would be no Hublot All Black and no George Bamford watches without its existence. Prices rapidly shot up to touch $100,000 but in recent years secondary values have come down a lot. Watches today can be bought in the $40,000 dollar range.

Why have the prices of End of Days watches softened? The first reason is that the world has moved more toward vintage and retro styled watches. Apparently it's not quite so relevant to be a bad motherf**ker anymore. And the second reason was that owners realized that the PVD finish scratches relatively easily, making this badass watch susceptible to frailty. That said, I still believe in the long term collectability of these watches and if you buy one in great condition you can either wear if carefully or just enjoy it with abandon as AP will refinish the case for you.Rolex Cellini Replica It just won't be cheap. Prices for refinishing the case averages 1,400 euros. If you want one of the most historically significant watches we've curated a small selection of End of Days Offshores here.

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