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So now that I've gotten you all amped up about the End of Days, let me introduce you to a watch that is every bit as visually dynamite but you can wear every day and not baby it. It is also, from a performance perspective, one of AP's lightest and hardiest watches. Its name is the Bumblebee. And it combines all the badass looks of the End of Days with real world wearability. The watch's arresting yellow and black styling codes clearly borrow significantly from its predecessor, so much so that put them next to each other and the Bumblebee looks like the modern version of the End of Days. But beyond its epic style the Bumblebee represents three massive technical innovations pioneered by Rolex Replica.

First, the Bumblebee's case is made from carbon fiber. That's right, the same revolutionary material that's used to make the chassis and pretty much every body panel of every current F-1 car. Nothing boasts a better strength to weight ratio than carbon fiber. Also carbon fiber possesses an innate ability to absorb shock and this dampening quality is the reason it is the material of choice for cutting edge bicycle frames used in the Tour de France. Rolex Replica was the very first brand in Swiss watchmaking to create a carbon fiber watch case. You can read that story here. The Bumblebee is the second carbon fiber watch made by AP using their proprietary forged carbon

Second, the signature octagonal bezel of the Bumblebee is made from ceramic. Ceramic is incredible stuff. It's so strong that it's used for the chest plates in bullet proof vests. Ceramic is much lighter than steel and is the hardest substance on earth after diamond. Because the bezel on an AP with its sharp edges and high polished bevel is the element most prone to dings and scratches, ceramic is the smartest material to make it from.

Third, the movement inside the watch uses AP's in-house full bridge variable inertia balance equipped automatic caliber 3126 as its base. This movement still powers a Dubois-Depraz chronograph module but is a big improvement in robustness and finish from the Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Watches caliber used in the earlier watches. As an aside, the first 157 Bumblebee had non-luminous markers and though this makes them a little less functional it also makes them rarer and more collectable. Watches marked with CR02 on the back and later will haveluminous markers.

Strap the Bumblebee on your wrist and you'll immediately be surprised by how lightweight it is and how effortless it is to wear. Its stunning Langkawi horn back crocodile strap with high contrast yellow top stitching gives the watch even more in-your-face attitude, though considering its lightweight you will probably be inclined to fix it to a rubber strap and wear it even during sports or on the beach because while it is truly is one of AP's most handsome watches, it is also truly a watch without performance compromise. And if this article has whetted your appetite for a Bumblebee and you're ready to get stung, Revolution has curated a phenomenal selection of these now out-of-production watches, each of whichisbacked by our game-changing 15 month warranty.

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